Currently on the job market! Looking for a software engineering position in the SF Bay Area (ideally one where I get to work close to lots of data).

About Me


I’m a software engineer with a wide-ranging skillset. Most recently, I was at Numerai, a hedge fund building their trading models through a data-science tournament.

I graduated from NYU Abu Dhabi with a degree in physics and philosophy. There I built a variety of skills through research. I’m especially adept at using python (with sklearn, numpy, sciy, pandas, matplotlib) to make sense of large datasets. The bulk of my research was in astrophysics, but I’ve also done work in applied machine learning, glaciology, and ethical theory. Some of my work in applied machine learning has been accepted for publication, and I’m quite excited to see where my capstone projects, one in galaxy formation and the other at the intersection of ethics and decision theory, end up. Check out my research page for more details on these projects!


I live and work in San Francisco, California. For most of my college years, I was based in Abu Dhabi, but I also spent time living in Singapore, Berlin, and New York City. Prior to moving to the Middle East, I lived in St. Louis, Missouri. And before that, I grew up in Breese, Illinois, an idyllic little farm town. I miss having a cornfield for a backyard.