Liam Meier

Camino de Santiago

I'm a third-year student studying physics and philosophy at NYU Abu Dhabi, working on problems in Galaxy Formation in the group of Andrea Macció. I've also worked with the Center for Global Sea Level Change, performing field work in Ilulissat, Greenland. For the spring of 2018 I'm "studying abroad" at NYU's New York campus.

I primarily work with data in Python with Numpy, Scikit-Learn, and Matplotlib. I'm currently enrolled in the graduate level Machine Learning course at NYU's Center for Data Science. For an example of the sort of work I spend much of my time on, see my capstone (undergraduate thesis) proposal.

Born in Chicago, I grew up in small-town America, and spent my teen years in St. Louis.

Currently seeking a research assistantship or data science internship for summer 2018.

Reach out to me at liam (dot) meier (at) nyu (dot) edu.