*Mainali, Nischal; *Meier, Liam; Ash, Elliott; and Chen, Daniel L., Automated Classification of Modes of Moral Reasoning in Judicial Decisions (July 2, 2018). Computational Legal Studies, Forthcoming. Available at SSRN: or

*Equal contribution among these authors


Star Formation Rates in NIHAO

The NIHAO project consists in around 100 large, hydrodynamical, cosmlogical simulations of galaxies. I analyze NIHAO galaxies and find a connection between the halo formation time (measured through the dark matter density profile) and relative star formation rates. I also find evidence that quenching of star formation is heavily driven by central black holes in large galaxies and that so-called compaction effects (where star formation is quenched at some critical inner surface density) proposed by other researchers is unlikely to be a physical phenomenom. [Journal manuscript in preparation.]

Proportional Choice for Normative Uncertainty

An agent faces normative uncertainty when they are unsure what the correct norms are. Philosophers have proposed various decision procedures for such agents. One class of procedures attempt to hedge againt (moral) risk by maxmizing inter-theoretic value. I argue that, among other flaws, such a procedure question-begs consequentialism. In turn, I propose the Proportional Choice procedure, where agents act according to norms in proportion to the strength of their beliefs in them. Available here!